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When can the super benefit be accessed?

Generally, Super benefits can be accessed once the member attains the preservation age and retires from work or else attaining the age of 65. It can also be accessed in case of total permanent disablement.

What is Spouse contribution?

Spouse contribution is an amount put into the spouse’s Super account in order to help them to make their savings for retirement. The contributions made into spouse account are eligible for deduction.

What is Superannuation Guarantee Contribution (SGC)?

Superannuation Guarantee is the minimum amount that an employer should contribute to the superannuation fund for the retirement benefit of their employee. As on date the SGC percentage is 9.5%

Can the super benefits be accessed early?

The super benefits can be accessed early on the following grounds:

  • Terminal illness.
  • Permanent incapability.
  • Severe financial hardship.
  • Compassionate grounds.
  • An account balance of $200 or less, or
  • Permanent departure from Australia.

How much super is needed for retirement?

There is no fixed amount that can be determined as a need for retirement savings. The members can have the amount retained as per their personal requirements.

Is the TFN mandatory for Super Fund?

TFN is mandatory to be provided for super funds. Unless the TFN is provided the member cannot make contribution in to the fund.

How can we rely that our data with you are secured?

Your data is very much secure with us, as we strictly comply with the standards of ISMS (Information Security Management System). Moreover, we also have security policies as like restricted usage of personal mobiles, emails or any communication devices. We would proudly say that data is our asset and we keep it safe.

What are the communication platforms you use?

We have the various platforms to get in coordination with you, like:

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Chat
  • Skype
  • Other modes of communication which you are comfortable with

Where are the client information saved?

Client information is saved in our private server.

Who can access the client information?

Only the persons who are authorized with your work will be able to access the information.

What is your working time zone?

We work round the clock, we will be available to be contacted during the Australian office hours.

What is the usual turnaround time (TAT)?

We are more focused on the quality of the work and Turnaround time, we deliver the work within or before the time frame promised from our end. As the TAT for each file and work size differs.

Whether we will be working with the same person all time?

Your project will be given to one manager, who in turn will be working with his team. He / She will be your point of contact at any time for clarification.


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