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SMSF Services

SMSF Services

SMSF Accounting and Audit Assistance

Super Fund Accounting And Taxation Made Easy

Velan has over a decade of impeccable track record delivering financial services worldwide and one of its services is Self Managed Super Fund Accounting and Taxation services to Chartered Accountants (CAs) & SMSF managers in Australia. Well-trained SMSF accountants coupled with ISO 9001 certified quality processes allow Velan to deliver quality services and meet turn around time consistently. ISO 27001 certified international standard security controls and practices help Velan to safeguard confidential information.

Administrating SMSF itself can be quite complex, compared to an average in-house accountant, our adept accountantspecialist would efficiently process SMSFs easily and hassle free. Our SMSF accountants have expertise in delivering services using advanced accounting system to prepare reports and also meeting the APRA reporting standards.

The practical expertise of our SMSF professional accountants are set apart by the breadth and depth. Our accountants have experience in working on all major SMSF compliance software platforms including BGL, ClassSuper and SuperMate. A strong work review process help our SMSF accountants to deliver quality service consistently. In-house training program and the availability of large of pool of talents help us to ramp the services on a short notice.

SMSF Accounting and Taxation Services:

Our SMSF accounting services include the following activities:

  • Posting and processing of super fund transactions.
  • Roll-over of existing fund balances into the newly setup fund books.
  • Processing admission and retirement of members and also respective roll-overs components.
  • Maintaining pension records and preparing of pension schedules for eligible members.
  • Preparing annual super fund financial statements including operating statement, statement of financial position and notes to financial statements.
  • Generating relevant super fund reports like investment summary report, investment income report, investment movement report etc.
  • Preparing member benefit statements with taxable and non-taxable member components.
  • Facilitating actuarial certificate for funds wherever required.
  • Preparing SMSF annual tax returns based on the details provided by members and annual financial statements.
  • Lodgment of SMSF annual tax returns online upon approval of auditors.
  • Managing communication and correspondence with Australian Tax Office.
SMSF Audit Support Service:

SMSF auditing is a compliance requirement. Our SMSF outsourcing team prepares appropriate reports required for auditors as per APRA regulation and make the audit process smooth and easier. Velan also:

  • Ensures SIS audit compliance by reviewing the accounting job and working paper.
  • Prepares audit work papers.
  • Inform auditors about the missing items in compliance.

Other ancillary services:

  • Organizing and managing fund documents both online and offline for future reference.
  • Providing expert advice to the trustees and answering queries regarding super fund compliance status.
  • Alerting super fund trustees on fund status change.
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SMSF Outsourcing, Super fund outsourcing

Benefits of Outsourcing:

  • Helps to focus on core areas and remain competitive.
  • Removes in-house staffing barriers.
  • Brings down operating cost considerably.
  • Saves investment on infrastructure and technology.
  • Allows access to skilled resources on demand.
  • Allows flexibility in scaling operations.


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