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If you’re a CA or an accounting firm, stuck in a rut with operational overheads and inflating costs, you’ve got to read this post. You may think we’re going to iterate the same old, but answer this: do you want to save money? Or perhaps this would be easier to answer – do you want to run a successful yet stress-free business? We’re pretty sure you were nodding positively for both. All you got to do is outsource SMSF to a reliable organization. But that’s easier said than done right? When it comes to outsourcing, most accountants and accounting firms are “once bitten, twice shy”. Find out why.

More than 80% of organizations outsource their functions. Your competitor is reaping the benefits of SMSF outsourcing as we speak. What are you waiting for?

We’re going to tell you how your competitor generates twice as much ROI than you! We’re going to help you discover that running a successful business as a Chartered Accountant or an Accounting Firm, certainly isn’t rocket science. If you knew the basics of outsourcing to do it right?

Here Are 5 Major Things To Consider While Outsourcing


It is worthwhile to do a little check on the company you’re considering as your SMSF outsourcing partner. SMSF outsourcing for accountants should always be done with reliable and quickly scalable organizations. It goes without saying that while you already have a significant overhead of work, reviewing outsourced work shouldn't be one of those. Imagine you outsource all your documents and are expecting all of it taken care of, but instead of mental peace, you’re in reality stuck with reviewing all of those documents all over again – thanks to the poor quality of work.


Don’t get stuck in a rut of reviews. You’ve paid for outsourcing with real money so it is in your best interest that you don’t pay more, with your time! Choose an outsourcing provider who has a proven record of excellent services that require minimal or negligible review from your end.

Contract & Retainer Fees

Always test drive your provider before getting into a contract. Before signing a contract, read it thoroughly and ask the right questions. For instance, Velan Super offers a free trial for new clients (chartered accountants & accounting firms). Try us and put an end to your search for the ideal SMSF outsourcing partner.

We’ve worked with a multitude of chartered accountants and accounting firms! While some outsourcing providers charge a retainer fee, Velan Super charges only for the workpapers outsourced. So don’t pay for outsourcing when it isn’t tax season yet! Get into a contract with us and keep us as your handy trump card when tax season is at the peak! Quick scalability, fast TAT and high quality guaranteed!

Resource Qualifications – Cloud Ready?

It would be worth your while to check on the qualifications of the resources or accountants employed by your SMSF outsourcing provider. Velan Super offers Cloud-ready accountants who are experienced with most cloud-based tools such as Class, SuperMate, SimpleFund, and XERO. We’re Quickbooks Pro Advisors and XERO Certified!


Your clients’ statements are highly confidential, sensitive and classified information – it is imperative your SMSF outsourcing partner utilizes a quantum number of security practices when dealing with this data. Ask your services provider how they transact data online.

Encryption, firewalls and stern company policies are a good start. Velan is internationally certified for information security practices and systems. We work in a highly secure environment governed by the highest possible standards of security policies.

Velan Super for SMSF Outsourcing

We offer SMSF accounting, pre-audit services, and taxation services to chartered accountants and accounting firms all over Australia. With a flexible pricing model and a free trial, what have you got to lose? Try us and you’ll buy in! We’re trusted providers with 10 years of business existence. Think Super, think Velan.


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